Together with our Partner Network build up over the past 25 years we offer complete requirement assessment in order to provide the correct, workable solution first time round.

GET Information Technologies has the ability to assist our Valued and New Prospected Clients with any hardware/software configuration – however simple or complex the required solution might be.

This includes configuration of Client systems(Set Top/Mobile), Servers and Storage, Backup, Networking, Communication (Wired/Wireless), Video Conferencing, Audio Visual Solutions and Control/Automation Systems.

Our Logistics/Services Partner further assists GET Information Technologies to provide Managed Deployment services. This entails engagement with Clients, understanding their requirements for tailor made customized service solutions.

The versatile services developed are designed to form a flexible and performance proven tool set adapting to the unique needs every one of our Clients demands. They assist with inventory management right through to asset removal and disposal and provide supply chain solutions designed and customized to achieve maximum flexibility and agility.

In a nutshell GET Information Technologies is firmly and uniquely positioned to supply a complete End to End solution to our Valued and New Prospected Clients, country wide within SA or cross border.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with GET Information Technologies.